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Mr. Danang Widodo (Director)

Mr. Danang Widodo spent more than half of his career in financial and operational management at various levels in various countries. Among his employers were two Fortune 500 MNCs. Danang has more than 5 years experience in NGO management, including 2.5 years on-site management and 2.5 years of consulting. Danang's strengthes are strong leadership with deep understanding of corporate strategy, finance and business forecasting, operations and HR management, supply chain management, and business process re-engineering. His expertise in general management areas supports his clients with developing their organizational strengths, encouraging excellent corporate governance practices and fostering strategic decision making.

» Danag's CV (PDF)

Dr. Jos S. Pet (President Director)

Dr. Jos S. Pet has a Ph.D. in tropical fisheries management. Jos was a lecturer and researcher, and worked for various universities and international agencies in the Netherlands, Indonesia, and Sri Lanka. Jos contributed to the design of marine fisheries research programs in Java, Sulawesi, and Flores and started up the Komodo National Park marine protected area project as the TNC Komodo Project Leader in 1995. As the TNC Coral Triangle Center (CTC) Program Manager Jos lead the CTC team on the implementation of site-based MPA development projects (in Komodo, Wakatobi, Raja Ampat and Derawan), and supported conservation science, training, communications, policy and financing, and program administration, from the center's base in Bali. As a member of the TNC Indonesia senior management team, he worked with the Indonesia program leadership on strategic planning, budgeting, fundraising and marketing. Jos has authored and co-authored numerous scientific papers and reports on issues related mainly to fisheries management and marine conservation. In 2007, Jos and partners founded PNC-I. In the first year of operations, projects that Jos worked on included NGO support contracts (WWF and TNC), environmental impact assessments for ship insurers, eco-tourism projects (representation of a dive and adventure company) and a representative function for the Walton Family Foundation.

» Jos' CV (PDF)

Edward M. Norton (Commissary)

Edward M. Norton is a lawyer by training (J.D. from Harvard Law School in 1971), and he has been an advocate for the protection of special places of natural and historic value for more than 30 years. After various assignments, in 1977 he became a federal prosecutor with the United States Attorney in Maryland, prosecuting violations of federal criminal law and supervising all environmental litigation in which federal agencies were involved in the U.S. District Court for Maryland. In 1981, he became special counsel to The Wilderness Society, a national conservation organization in the United States. He also served as Deputy Executive Director and Director of Membership and Development for The Wilderness Society. In 1986, he became the founding President of the Grand Canyon Trust, a regional conservation organization dedicated to protecting the national parks, public lands, and rivers in the Colorado Plateau. He was also the founding Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Rails-To-Trails Conservancy, an organization that works to convert abandoned railroad corridors into recreational trails. He also was one of the founders and leaders of the Vietnam Veterans Reconciliation Project which worked to lift the trade embargo and to establish normal relations with Vietnam. In 1994, he became Vice President for Law and Public Policy of the National Trust for Historic Preservation responsible for all federal and state legislation and legal affairs for the National Trust. He served in that position until 1999, when he moved to Kunming, Yunnan Province, China to become the Senior Advisor to The Nature Conservancy's China Program. In that role, he helped to create The Conservancy's Yunnan Great Rivers Project to conserve biodiversity in northwest Yunnan Province and to establish a system of Nature Reserves and Protected Areas. During his six years as Senior Advisor, The Nature Conservancy's staff grew from 4 to 54 people with five offices at sites in northwest Yunnan and an office in Beijing working on national level policy issues with the Government of China. From January to June 2005, he was Distinguished Visiting Lecturer in Natural Resources and Environmental Law and Policy at the Department of Social and Cultural Ecology, Graduate School of Humanities, Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic. From August 2005 to January 15, 2007, Mr. Norton served as The Nature Conservancy's Deputy Director of the Asia-Pacific Region, based in Bali, Indonesia and working on marine and terrestrial biodiversity conservation projects in Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, China, Australia, and the Pacific Islands. Mr. Norton is now Senior Advisor to the USAID Indonesia Orangutan Conservation Support Project. He is also the President Director of PNC Consulting International.

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Gede Wawan

Gede Wawan

Currently Wawan is a consultant for the TNC Indonesia Fisheries Conservation Program as a Database Developer. He is responsible for all process on development and maintenance the online I-Fish (Community) database, and also in the training and mentoring to all users of the I-Fish (Community).

Gede Wawan graduated from Sanata Dharma University with a degree in Computer Engineering. During college, he focused on the GNU/Linux and Open Source software, especially on databases and networks. Since graduating in 2006, he has worked in several software houses in Bali, with various types of projects, such as the Financial System, HR System, Inventory System and CRM.

» Gede's CV (PDF)

Josep Lumingas

Josep Lumingas

Josep works as a consultant in the TNC-Indonesia Fisheries Conservation Program as the Fisheries Outreach Coordinator (FCOC). As FCOC, Josep is responsible for identifying village fish merchants, fishing communities and the private sector who are interested in engaging in sustainability programs with TNC IFCP.

Josep has a degree in machine engineering from Pattimura University in Ambon and is working on a degree in theology from STT Kingdom Bali. In addition, he also has more than twenty years experience in automotive and boat machinery, fleet coordination and in managerial positions. His expertise are in mechanics/engineering, data retrieval, system management and team building. His previous experience in vessel engineering and living in different parts of Indonesia helps him establish bonds with fishers from different areas.

» Josep's CV (PDF)

Nita Gusti Awar

Nita Gusti Awar

Nita is a consultant for TNC Indonesia Fisheries Conservation Program for Fish Traceability System. The traceability system is constructed based on the HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) and the BRC (British Retail Consortium) Global Standard. She oversees and help design the implementation of traceability system at fish processing plants in Bali, Makassar, and Luwuk.

She majored in Fish Processing Technology from STP (Sekolah Tinggi Perikanan) in Jakarta. Nita has a 17-year experience in Quality Assurance and Quality Control. Her knowledge in fisheries private sector gives valuable insight on the industry perspective on sustainable fisheries.

» Nita's CV (PDF)

Geertruidha Adelheid Latumeten (Hilda)

Geertruidha Adelheid Latumeten

In July 2015, Hilda started her work as a consultant for TNC Indonesia Conservation Program. As a Fisheries Research Assistant for Snapper and Grouper Fishery project, her main task is to coordinate and review fish identification results from data that have been collected from all TNC program sites. She also travels to other parts of Indonesia to survey new areas that might have vessels that take part in the snapper-grouper fishery. She is one of the trainers during fish identification workshops organized by TNC.

Hilda was born in Surabaya, January 18th, 1991. She received her bachelor's degree from Diponegoro University in Aquatic Resource Management, Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Science with a focus in Biological Oceanography for tuna using Remote Sensing Technology. She is currently preparing her thesis for her Master's Degree in Udayana University on Oceanography Remote Sensing. To date, she has presented papers in National Symposium about Variability of Waters Condition in Observation Perspective, Modelling and Remote Sensing (Semarang, 2012), National Symposium on Management of Sustainable Tuna Fishery (Bali, 2014), International Symposium on Marine and Fisheries Research (Yogya, 2015), National Seminar of Remote Sensing and GIS (Bogor, 2015), and International Forum on Sustainable Future in Asia (Bali, 2017).

» Hilda's CV (PDF)

Elle Wibisono

Elle Wibisono

Elle Wibisono is a visiting PhD student from the University of Rhode Island, USA studying the Indonesian deep-slope hook and line demersal fishery. She is interested in determining the spatio-temporal distribution of commercial snappers and groupers in this fishery and its implications on ecosystem-based fishery management. She hopes to use the information to help propose management options that is appropriate for the ecological characteristic of the fishery, but still feasible to be implemented in Indonesia.

Elle was from Jakarta, and received her undergraduate degree (B.A) from Wellesley College, Massachusetts in Biological Sciences, with a focus in Marine Biology. During her study, she conducted an independent research with Operation Wallacea, in Hoga Island Marine Research Center, Wakatobi on the behaviour of blue-streak cleaner wrasse (Labroides dimidiatus). She worked in a Marine Research Center in South Lampung, Sumatra, focusing on microalgae culture for live-feed prior to joining TNC IFCP. In September 2014, Elle joined the TNC Indonesia Fisheries Conservation Program as the Manager for Private Sector Involvement. She was responsible for engaging private sector partners in sustainability programs (data collection and data sharing) and creating communications outputs to illustrate the current condition of fisheries in the Timor Sea and how to address it. In addition to research, she is interested in bringing scientific results, especially on sustainability, into a wider more mainstream audience.

» Elle's CV (PDF)

Wahyu Dita

Wahyu Dita

In January 2016, Dita joined TNC Indonesia Fisheries Conservation Program as a PNCI consultant to be a research assistant for the Snapper and Grouper Program. She the Kema Site-Coordinator, who focuses on data collection implementation and 100-species fish identification training. Prior to joining PNCI, Dita was an intern for TNC Indonesia Fisheries Conservation Program who assisted data collection for gonad research.

Dita was born in Sorong, September 11st, 1991. She received her bachelor's degree from Sam Ratulangi University, Manado in fisheries science-- utilization of fisheries resource. Her study focused on the dynamic salinity of fishing grounds around the estuary of Malalayang river, Manado. During her time in the university, she was active in campus organizations as well as academic work.

» Dita's CV (PDF)

Helmy Wurlianty

Helmy Wurlianty

Since July 2016, he worked as a consultant for TNC Indonesia Fisheries Conservation Program as the Fisheries Research Assistant. His job entails searching, creating and managing resources for the fisheries data collection process. Together with the team, he solves problems of fish identification and data collection procedures in the field. Prior to being a consultant, he was a intern for TNC helping with data collection and implementation of CODRS (Captain Operated Data Recording System).

Helmy received his bachelor's degree from Sam Ratulangi University in Manado, faculty of fisheries and marine sciences-- utilization of fisheries resources with a focus on assessment of fishery stocks. During his study, he joined some fishery related research projects in Manado dan Ambon, such as the Underwater Expedition in Sanger Talaud, the Underwater Tourism Potential Survey in East Seram, and the Draft Conservation Zoning Area in East Seram.

» Helmy's CV (PDF)


Technical and Administrative Support Team

  • Riny Kusumadewi
  • Albert F Seran
  • Jersey Roberto Cumentas
  • Meysella Anugrah
  • Dieri Tarau
  • Musa Adi
  • Fatich Ubaidillah
  • Nenden Siti Novianty
  • Muhammad Aris
  • Syalomitha Dimitry Hukom
  • Hastuti Sabrang

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