PNCI - Our Services

  • Marine conservation
  • Management of natural resources, primarily forestry and fisheries
  • Assessment of environmental impacts of projects
  • Monitoring of management performance
  • Ecological monitoring, development of indicators
  • GIS, spatial analysis for natural resource management
  • Statistical analysis of monitoring results
  • Ecoregional planning
  • Programmatic planning and goal setting for resource use management agencies
  • Facilitation for donor agencies
  • Training in planning and monitoring for protected area practitioners
  • Governance of "green tourism" and eco-tourism
  • Technical and operational support for eco-tourism companies and marine dive and adventure tourism companies
  • Micro-enterprise financing
  • Public involvement and stakeholder engagement
  • Media and communications relating to conservation and sustainable development projects
  • Organizational governance and financial management
  • Strategic planning and budgeting
  • Setting up management systems (financial, operational, logistics)
  • Setting up support systems for marine operations (incl. vessel maintenance, development of standard operational procedures, spare part warehousing, etc.)

People & Nature Consulting
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