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Established in 2007, PNCI is an international consulting and project management firm, based in Bali and incorporated under the laws of Indonesia.

PNCI provides strategic planning advice; specific recommendations for project implementation; technical and project management services for all stages of the project life cycle: and monitoring and assessment reporting on projects. PNCI provides consulting services in the following sectors:
  • Marine conservation
  • Management of natural resources, primarily forestry and fisheries
  • Assessment of environmental impacts of projects
  • "Green tourism" and eco-tourism
  • Micro-enterprise financing
  • Public involvement and stakeholder engagement
  • Media and communications relating to conservation and sustainable development projects
  • Organizational governance and financial management
PNCI draws on the knowledge and experience of its senior team:
  • Danang Widodo, Director
  • Jos Pet, PhD, President Director
  • Edward M. Norton, JD, Commissary
and associate consultants and specialists in a wide range of disciplines to provide consulting and project management services. PNCI associates with other international and local consulting firms on a project-by-project basis.

PNCI works globally, with an initial focus on Asia. Clients are corporations, non-governmental organizations, and government agencies.

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